Would you like to sell your art at the Yes Store?

We have a screening/jury committee that meets each year in September/October to select the artists who will participate in the current year's Yes Store.

The 2019 Yes Store
Location TBD
Downtown Santa Barbara

7 days a week through December 24th

Deadline for the 2019 Yes Store:
Final Deadline: October 2019 date to be determined

Please send all screening applications to SantaBarbaraYesStore@gmail.com

To Apply:

e-Mail the Following to:  SantaBarbaraYesStore@gmail.com

*Name, Address, Phone #, e-Mail and Category [Ceramics, Wood, Metal, Fine Jewelry, Craft Jewelry, Photography, Graphics, Clothing/Textiles, Leather, etc]
Please apply separately for EACH category

*Description of your work, including materials and techniques

*Does anyone help you in any phase of your work.  If yes, how many helpers do you have and exactly what do they do

*5 (jpeg) images of your work, each with a description, price and dimensions


OR, print Screening Application Form  and mail a paper copy of the above along with 5 printed copies of your photos (for each category you intend to apply) to:  The Yes Store / PO Box 1390 / Lompoc, CA 93438


A. Open to residents of Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo or Los Angeles counties with an emphasis on Santa Barbara County.  We may consider other California Residents as well.

B. A participant or partnership must not be a participant in any other seasonal holiday store within Santa Barbara County.

C. All members must pay a registration/booth fee and have a percentage of their sales withheld for operating expenses.

D. All work must be handmade by the applicant.  No groups of people (excluding partnerships) or manufacturers (even if the work is handmade) can participate in the Yes Store. However, a helper or an apprentice is allowed as long as the applicant's work remains predominantly their own and is produced only in part by the helper.

E. All members are responsible for setting up their own display and keeping it stocked for the duration of the store.

F. All members are required to work a designated number of shifts as a salesperson and serve on one committee to aid in opening, running and closing the store.


NOTE:  In order to ensure that all categories are screened fairly, we need you to apply in each category that you wish to display at the Yes Store. Please email five (5) jpegs or mail five (5) photos for each category.

Example:  If you work in glass you need to apply in glass. If you want to also display glass jewelry you need to also apply in jewelry.


  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Graphics/Painting
  • Jewelry
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles/Clothing
  • Wood